Silent Escapes

The World’s First Global Collection of Radically Sustainable Land and Sea Communities

Redefining the essence of owning a home in some of the world’s most desired locations.

Silent Escapes has created a radically sustainable land and sea experience with the privileges of ownership.

Our unique hand-crafted, 100% solar-powered island and beachfront residences, combined with exclusive membership in the world’s leading global eco-sailing yacht cruise operator, are now available.

A New Paradigm of Environmental Stewardship and Elevated Living.

Silent Escapes is pioneering a radically sustainable living experience, redefining how to responsibly enjoy the most desired places on land and sea. We craft homes and experiences that resonate with the earth’s rhythm, deeply integrating with the environment. Our structures seamlessly blend with the landscape, preserving the planet’s integrity while offering unparalleled living standards. Our communities produce more clean energy and water than they consume. Our buildings sequester more carbon than they release. Sail the world on our solar-electric, whisper-quiet fleet. Welcome to Silent Escapes, where your home is a beacon of environmental stewardship and a new paradigm for elevated living. Join us in our vision to become carbon-negative citizens and make a difference.

Sustainable Island and Seaside Living while boldly protecting the environment

Experience tropical islands with pristine beaches, uncrowded and unspoiled vibrant nature, and unforgettable sailing experiences at your doorstep.


Every Silent Escapes destination is unequivocally sustainable.

Thoughtfully integrated with its local environment, it is designed to offer our owners the opportunity to make a difference, create meaningful connections and shared experiences, and even become carbon-negative citizens.


This is the dawn of new fully integrated land and sea communities—sanctuaries where life is lived in harmony with nature’s profound beauty.

Silent Escapes invites you to join a visionary movement where every aspect of your living space and surroundings breathes sustainability, every sailing adventure takes your breath away, and every moment celebrates our shared commitment to the earth’s and your family’s future.


Join us on this bold journey to locations around the globe.

Welcome to a life where your home is a beacon of environmental stewardship, located in some the world’s most desirable destinations. Where you can sail the world in our growing fleet of solar-electric whisper-quiet yachts. Welcome to Silent Escapes, a new paradigm for thoughtful and elevated living.